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Fascism : A Historiography on the Rise of Fascism


In the early twentieth century, fascism took hold and spread rapidly across Europe. Some states were able to resist the authoritarian nationalist temptations offered through the new movement. While others succumbed to its temptations and spiraled quickly into fascist states that were most notably characterized by violence. Scholars have offered many explanations as to why […]

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The Rise of China and World Order


The rise of China as a global economic and political power is arguably the most significant development in world politics and is one that has been unprecedented throughout history. China’s global impact is increasingly felt on every continent, in most international institutions, and on many global issues. (Shambaugh 2013) This is starting to create a […]

United States Refusal To Join The League of Nations


In 1920 the United States (U.S.) had denied the Treaty of Versailles, refusing to become a member of the League of Nations. President Wilson was a firm believer that the League would allow all of the world’s nations to live in peace with one another. However, the U.S. Senate was concerned that the obligations of League […]

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Letter of Bernard of Clairvaux 1147 : Primary Document Analysis


The primary document, “The Letter of Bernard of Clairvaux”, was written by Bernard of Clairvaux in 1147. The letter was written after the loss of Edessa in order to promote a new crusade to gain back western losses. During this time, Bernard was a very prominent and influential clergy member who was deeply involved with […]

United Nations, Reform, and The Quest For World Order

United Nations, Reform, and the Quest for World Order


One of the greatest transformation in the international system since the Treaty of Westphalia is the development of the United Nations (UN). The UN was established in 1945 following the Second World War to facilitate cooperation, security, and development among the world’s nations. Since its creation, the UN has made significant contributions towards the study of […]