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East Asian and Latin American Approaches to Industrialization


This post will seek to explain East Asian and Latin American approaches to industrialization  identify the main stages of industrial transformation; define easy import substitution industrialization ; define easy export substitution and explain what exactly is being substituted for what; define difficult import substitution industrialization and clarify in what sense do we say that Latin American […]

Drug Use In Canada, Harm Reduction, Public Policy, Incarceration, criminalization, substance abuse

Should Harm Reduction be the Approach to the Use of Illegal Drugs in Canada?


Harm Reduction Paper – Currently, in Canada and across the globe, there are two dominant policy approaches towards illegal drug use. The first approach involves strict prohibition and stresses the need to maintain order using law enforcement as a means to enforce the policy objectives. It includes the use of criminalizing illegal drug use with […]

Causes of Corruption in Transition

Causes of Corruption in Transition : Russia and China


ABSTRACT: Although China and Russia have undertaken separate approaches to the transition process, they have both become plagued by systemic corruption. China’s corruption has arisen out of new opportunities that were not present under the old classless communism. These opportunities were created by Chinas gradualist approach to transition. Russia, on the other hand, witnessed a […]

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Globalization and the Developing World


Globalization is a multidimensional and multilateral process. In this article, globalization will be defined as “a complex economic, political, cultural, and geographic process in which the mobility of capital, organizations, ideas, discourses, and peoples have taken a global or transnational form.” (Bacchus 2015) However, the meaning varies between authors, scholars, and individuals. Throughout the literature, […]